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Michael Van:  
Vocals \ Guitar

Born in Queenstown, Eastern Cape. Played for "Comatose" from 2001 -2006 then moved to Johannesburg in 2006 where he joined "Munk". When that ended he then started several other projects including "Hollow". Eventually creating Lead Worm with producer, Krist Killgrey in 2014. Has previously also worked with "Teragis", "Nuff Said" and "The Slut Puppets". Moved to Adelaide, South Australia in 2015. Plays on a ESP LTD deluxe 6 string guitar, Boss GT-10 FX pedal and Fender Hotrod Deluxe amp.

Jonathan Matthews:  

From Adelaide, Australia. Bassist / Guitarist and learning the art of crafting instruments.

A fond player of ESP and Ibanez instruments. Influences: Reginald Arvizu, Robert Trujillo, Jeordie White AKA Twiggy Ramirez, Cliff Burton




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